Blair Folts

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Inspired by the power of landscape, I have been drawn to study the natural layers found on the Earth through sketching.This has in turn led to my interest in layering my paintings and prints in order to capture natural and cultural evolution. Landscape holds the power of Nature and the Earth. In traveling to remote places, I have searched for the ancient power of “landscapeness” and how people move and live in that space.The sketchbook is a constant companion and allows me to record impressions often not captured by the camera. Once home in my studio, twigs, dirt and even “squished bugs” from the site have helped me travel back to these lands and have inspired different kinds of layering in my work.Through my work as an environmental activist, I am continually inspired by the power of language and words to effect change, and as such have drawn upon them as form in my work.Incorporating words as texture in printmaking, I have found a way to combine layering to speak about the cultural global divide as societies change and become more homogenized.

Through personal journals, photography, printmaking and painting I seek to depict the issues we are facing today and suggest ways we can make new decisions about how we live. How can we learn to think beyond our own neighborhood? How can we learn to better understand the impact our actions in our own homes have on people thousands of miles away? Can we learn to look at the world from someone else’s perspective?

How can we find our own personal voice and place in a rapidly changing landscape?


Selected Exhibitions